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MSc in Digital Humanities


CAnTi project aims at extending and enriching preservation work in the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Tiryns and includes conservation and restoration procedures for monuments, documentation of these procedures through three-dimensional representation, documentation of previous interventions, and the production of virtual and augmented reality interactive, educational applications that will project and spatiotemporally visualize how maintenance, restoration and protection was applied on the monuments and will be implemented in the form of two Open Labs that will operate both in the archaeological site and in the facilities of the Nafplio Archaeological Museum. The proposed project is designed to meet the above objectives by designing and implementing an augmented reality application that digitally complements the form of historical and cultural monuments that have suffered significant damage and therefore have altered their features with 3D graphics representing the missing monuments structures. The digital content of the application will be represented using Semantic Web technologies and Linked Open Data techniques, thus giving users access to a large-scale repository. Additionally, features of the application will include sharing the user’s cultural experience on social networks via comments and photos, recommended routes, etc., and content and presentation adaptation of the information provided correlated with the interests and the profile of the user. The project implementation methodology is based on the following axes: three-dimensional mapping and wall digitization, semantic representation of knowledge related to both cultural heritage and diagnosis, conservation and restoration procedures, implementation and applications to support these processes and highlighting the entire ecosystem of conservation and of wider archeological and historical value through demonstrative facilities in the form of Open Labs.