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MSc in Digital Humanities


The research project AtticPOT [Attic PO(ttery in) T(hrace] is co-operated by the "Athena" R.C., the Democritus University of Thrace and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its main purpose is the examination of the Athenian presence in Thrace from the 6th to the 4th century BCE through the study of the commercial and social networks developed in the area. Focusing on the published Attic painted pottery found in various sites in ancient Thrace (settlements, burials, sanctuaries), we are going to investigate shapes, iconographic themes and uses of Attic vases in this area. Our goal is to obtain a sample picture of the fine Attic pottery in Thrace, explore the commercial roads through which it was disseminated, but also assess the local preferences.

The study of the material will enable us to examine under quantitative and quality parameters the role of Attic painted vases both in coastal and inland Thrace, setting specific levels of spatial and temporal differentiation in each research stage. Ultimately, we wish to examine the influence of Attic vases on the local society (i.e. burial, cultural and other customs), the Thracian view of these imported vases, and the multicultural interconnection (or not) of every area. To this end, we will undertake a quantitative study of vases, shapes and iconographic themes, an investigation of potters, painters and workshops discovered in the area under examination, and a contextual analysis of the vases, focusing on findspot and the larger site of provenance. The results of our research will help answer questions which are still open, fill some gaps and further promote scientific research. For the organization, dissemination and documentation of the project we will create a repository of the attic vases in Thrace and a digital platform with useful tools for students, researchers, and the wider public.

Repository of the project: