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MSc in Digital Humanities


The MSc in Digital Humanities includes four specializations:

Assessment for each module requires either a written examination or the submission of a term paper (essay). All written work, including the MSc Thesis, must be submitted on time, according to the deadlines set for each academic year. Short extensions may be allowed only in rare and exceptional ciscumstances (e.g. serious health problems), following a recommendation by the module professor/supervisor and the approval of the MSc Committee.

Term papers and theses marked below the “pass” grade (5/10) can be resubmitted within a new and short deadline to be re-assessed by a three-member committee excluding the module coordinator or supervisor. Resubmitted essays and theses may only achieve a “pass” (5/10).

In case of failure to submit a term paper or the MSc Thesis, the student is automatically disqualified from the MSc program.